The FastGBSAR can be operated in Real Aperture Radar (RAR) mode for remote static and dynamic structural health monitoring of man-made structures.

Easily transportable, the FastGBSAR-R can quickly be installed on a tripod. In a few minutes the user can obtain displacement profiles along the complete structure with an accuracy of 0.01 mm.


  • The most accurate measure of displacement for static and dynamic structural health monitoring

  • Complete frequency and modal analysis of the entire structure in just a few minutes

  • Easy and fast setup

  • Remote measurements with no need for in situ sensors

  • No need to stop traffic when monitoring bridges

  • Designed for all weather conditions



  • Bridges

  • Towers

  • Buildings

Key features

  • Interferometric ground-based radar operating at 17.2GHz

  • Accuracy: 0.01 mm

  • Maximum range: 4 km

  • Spatial resolution: up to 0.5m

  • Proprietary ViMon software for data analysis

  • Two hardware versions: single and dual polarization

The FastGBSAR-R comes with its proprietary Vimon software for vibration analysis, including displacement time series, and analysis of the resonant frequencies and modal shapes.