MetaSensing’s FastGBSAR-S is a ground-based radar solution for monitoring unstable natural elements and critical artificial structures. Using SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) technology, the FastGBSAR-S is installed on a linear rail to produce two-dimensional (range and azimuth) images.

Designed to work in harsh environmental conditions, the FastGBSAR-S generates displacement maps of large areas every 10 seconds with sub-millimeter accuracy, up to a distance of 4 km.


  • The most accurate real time monitoring of unstable areas or structures

  • Earliest detection and warning available on the market

  • No reflectors needed

  • No stable reference area needed

  • Autonomous 24/7 operation in all weather conditions



  • Open-pit mines

  • Strip mines

  • Landslides

  • Dams

  • Dikes

Key features

  • Interferometric ground-based SAR operating at 17.2GHz

  • Scan time: 4 seconds

  • Time between two scans: 10 seconds

  • Spatial resolution: up to 0.5m by 4.8 mrad (0.5 m by 4.8 m at 1 km)

  • Accuracy: 0.1 mm

  • Maximum range: 4 km

  • Proprietary Ranger software for real time processing and early warning (link to Ranger Software page)

  • Trailer solution with hybrid energy system (solar, wind, diesel, backup battery)

  • Two hardware versions: single and dual polarization

  • Configurable: SAR and RAR modes available

The FastGBSAR-S comes with its proprietary Ranger software, developed specifically for the mining environment and for critical structure monitoring.